Feb 13
Bid ended

3-09385 Elevated Water Storage Tank Repair & Repaint

Tupelo, MS (T-NR)


Bidding Closed

Bid Date2/13/20 10:00 am

Company & Contacts

Cook Coggin Engineers

Mark Weeden   662-842-7381


Separate sealed or electronic bids for the construction of ELEVATED WATER STORAGE TANK REPAIR AND REPAINT (NELLE STREET), BID 2020-001WL, will be received by the CITY OF TUPELO until 10:00 A.M., LOCAL TIME ON THURSDAY, THE 13TH DAY OF FEBRUARY, 2020 and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. Sealed bids will be received until the designated date and time at TUPELO CITY HALL, 71 EAST TROY STREET, TAX OFFICE, ATTENTION: TRACI DILLARD, TUPELO, MS 38804. Electronic bids will be received until the date and time via electronic online submission through www.centralbidding.com.

The Project consists of the following approximate quantities:

Repair & Repaint a 250,000 gallon welded steel elevated water storage tank (Nelle Street) and foundations, with Instrumentation and Automation/SCADA.
1 LS

Additive Alternate 1: Instrumentation and Automation/SCADA for North & South Thomas Elevated Storage Tank
1 LS

The Contract Documents, in printed form, may be examined at the CITY OF TUPELO, AT CITY HALL, 71 EAST TROY STREET, TUPELO, MS 38804 and at Cook Coggin Engineers, Inc., 703 Crossover Road, Tupelo, Mississippi 38801. The Contract Documents, in electronic form, may also be viewed on line.

Registering for a free account at www.cceplanroom.com will enable bidders to view and/or order Contract Documents online. The only requirement for account registration is a valid email address. Questions regarding website registration and online orders shall be directed to Plan House Printing at (662) 407-0193.

Contract Documents are issued to potential Bidders by Plan House Printing as paper copies. The non-refundable cost of the Bid Documents is $150.00. Payments for Bid Documents shall be made payable to Plan House Printing and Graphics, 607 West Main Street, Tupelo, MS 38804, or completed online.

Electronic download may be purchased online from Central Bidding at www.centralbidding.com. Electronic Bids can ONLY be submitted at www.centralbidding.com. For any questions relating to the electronic bidding process, please call Central Bidding at 225-810-4814.

Bids will be accepted only under the name of the Bidder to whom contract documents have been issued by Plan House Printing or Central Bidding, on behalf of the Engineer, and whose name appears on the official list of Planholders maintained by the CITY OF TUPELO.

Each bidder must deposit with this bid, security in the amount, form and subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders. For Bidders submitting bids electronically, the bond submitted must be either a bond issued by the Surety in electronic format or the original hard copy of the bid bond must be submitted to the CITY OF TUPELO, TAX OFFICE, ATTENTION: TRACI DILLARD, 71 EAST TROY STREET, TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI 38804, prior to bid opening in order for the bid to be valid.

No Bidder may withdraw his bid within 90 days after the actual date of the opening thereof.

Simultaneously with his delivery of the executed contract, the Contractor shall furnish surety bonds subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders.

All applicable laws, ordinances and the rules and regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over construction of the project shall apply to the contract throughout.

Each Bidder is responsible for inspecting the site and for reading and being thoroughly familiar with the Contract Documents. The failure or omission of any Bidder to do any of the foregoing shall in no way relieve any Bidder from any obligation in respect to this Bid.

A conditional or qualified Bid will not be accepted. Award will be made to the lowest responsible, responsive Bidder.

The Owner reserves the right to waive any informality or to reject any or all Bids.


Publish: January 15, 22, 2020